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Water Data Lab LLC (WaDL) is a data-driven consultancy focused on bringing the best science and technology to address the hardest problems facing global water resources.

Scientific consulting

Expertise in water resources, remote sensing, hydrogeology, and geophysics.

Math and statistics

Customized mathematical and statistical approaches for unique hydrologic problems.

Machine learning and AI

Interpretable statistical and machine learning, neural networks.

Remote sensing

Full stack remote sensing and image processing from drones to Google Earth engine.

Data engineering

Automated data assimilation, database engineering, APIs, in-situ sensor networks, and ETL pipelines.


Real-time, automated, data visualization dashboards and reports.

Selected Projects

gsp dry wells .com

Domestic well failure prediction and cost estimates in critically overdrafted basins.

Glacier Melt detection via Satellite Radar in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

Melt timing for Third Pole glaciers from synthetic aperture radar time series.

cal water quality .com

Automated water quality reports for > 3,000 California public water systems.

Near-Real-Time Satellite-Based Flood Monitoring System

Realtime Satellite-based flood monitoring and socioeconomic impact assessment system

Remote Sensing-based Water Balance

Automated remote-sensing based software framework to assess groundwater changes

Satellite Landslide Identification Product (SLIP)

Automated remote sensing-based landslide identification product

Subsidence monitoring in transboundary aquifers

Monitoring sustainability of shared groundwater resources using interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR)

low cost sensor networks

Real-time sensor networks and dashboards for monitoring environmental data.

Biogeochemical reactive transport

Modeling hydrologic controls on particulate-solute biogeochemical reactions in a beach aquifer

Meet the Team



Rich Pauloo, PhD

Principal Data Scientist, Hydrogeologist


Kyra Kim, PhD



Aakash Ahamed, MS

Hydrogeophysist, remote sensing expert, data scientist


Corey Scher, MS

Remote Sensing Scientist, Geologist


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